What you need to know about short sale Houston

Posted by Travis Player // August 30, 2017

short sale Houston

A short sale Houston happens when the lender forgives a portion of the loan amount or lowers the amount and allows the property to be sold at market value. This is a relief for homeowners who have been worrying about foreclosure because they can now dispose of the property in a normal regular real estate transaction. The plummeting real estate […]

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Facing a foreclosure process? Don’t worry

Posted by Travis Player // August 23, 2017

Sometimes, things go wrong. And sometimes, it so happens that homes go into foreclosure. A foreclosure happens when a buyer fails to pay his mortgages on time. The lender sends default notices in an effort to recover his loan amount, but the debtor, if he is in a financial crunch, often fails to meet the requirements of […]

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Things you should know while browsing through free foreclosure homes listings

Posted by Travis Player // August 16, 2017

free foreclosure home listing

Foreclosed properties can searched through free foreclosure homes listings. And if you know the right places to tap, things will move quickly. Foreclosure properties are always an attractive option for homebuyers because of the possibilities offered through it. For one, they will be able to get a property for a rate that’s lower than the market rate. […]

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What items should homebuyers evaluate when purchasing a new home?

Posted by Travis Player // August 9, 2017

Home buying can be a daunting endeavor, especially for the first timer. Nevertheless, it cannot be that bad, because many people actually venture into it, and buy worthy properties. So it proves that whatever hurdles may come your way in a property purchase, those can be overrun easily. However, it would be worthwhile to have an idea of what […]

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Alternative home transaction formats are eating the world

Posted by Travis Player // August 2, 2017

We are all familiar with the traditional method of home selling. A prospective home buyer visits with a Realtor who acts as broker and goes through the different home options depending on the requirements of the buyer. He will then list a number of homes, according to the buyer’s budget and after a series of negotiations and […]

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How to get cheap houses for sale in Houston TX

Posted by Travis Player // July 26, 2017

cheap houses sale Houston

Are you on a home hunt for cheap houses for sale Houston? Then we would like to share some essential info with you. Often, what people like most about foreclosure properties is that they do come cheap. If you go through the real estate market in Houston, you can see that there are plenty of foreclosed properties for sale. However, it is […]

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Online real estate marketplaces are innovative, so why do consumers still transact offline

Posted by Travis Player // July 19, 2017

The internet has proved to be a boon for everyone who has access to it. Every industry in the world has benefited greatly. The real estate industry is also not far behind. While the mindset of people changed (i.e. people started depending on the internet for all their dealings), developers started leveraging it for selling their properties. […]

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How to make informed decisions to purchase bank owned properties Houston

Posted by Travis Player // July 12, 2017

bank owned properties Houston

Sometimes, your dream home may lie in one of the bank owned properties Houston. Have you ever thought of that? It is true that many people turn their interest towards bank owned properties because they feel it gives them a chance to buy affordable properties. While it is true that you do get to buy cheap properties during foreclosure, it is important to […]

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Making money is like riding a bicycle

Posted by Travis Player // July 5, 2017

You learn to ride a bicycle when you are a kid and you don’t forget how to ride it even though you don’t ride often. If you try your hand at cycling 10 years later, you could still ride it without any problems. It is the same with swimming and … real estate. Once you’ve […]

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How my son owned his first investment property before his first birthday

Posted by Travis Player // June 28, 2017

There is no investment like the one done with total planning, and buying a property for a child would be a sensible step in saving for his future.  Considering the fact that it is a good real estate move, there is no such thing as the right age for buying a property for your child. […]

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