Things you should know while browsing through free foreclosure homes listings

Things you should know while browsing through free foreclosure homes listings

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free foreclosure home listingForeclosed properties can searched through free foreclosure homes listings. And if you know the right places to tap, things will move quickly.

Foreclosure properties are always an attractive option for homebuyers because of the possibilities offered through it. For one, they will be able to get a property for a rate that’s lower than the market rate. And second, the purchase will be faster when compared to normal properties. Because both the bank and the “seller” would want to get rid of the property and move.

What buyers should know while searching through free foreclosure homes listings

Buyers need to be aware of a number of things while buying foreclosure. If you are looking for foreclosed homes and is not aware of the resources to tap.

Then here are some free foreclosure homes listings:

Foreclosure real estate agent

You can hire a foreclosure real estate agent to get things started. There are people who specialize in foreclosures alone, and they won’t be too hard to find.Once hired, they will be able to guide you through the different foreclosure listings in the market; they have access to a database (Multiple Listing Service, MLS) that consumers normally don’t have.

Zillow listings

Zillow listings can be found in the Zillow website, and this helps you to filter and run through the different listings. There is an option where you can filter and search through the pre-market listings and browse through pre-foreclosure and foreclosed properties.

Bank websites

Enjoy browsing through free foreclosure home listings by visiting the websites of all prominent banks. These contain listings of properties, complete with their description, photos, prices, agent contact details and so on.

Government agencies

Agencies like Fannie Mae, Federal Housing Administration, Department of Treasury and Small Business Administration have websites where you have details of foreclosure listings. You can also go through the purchase proceedings to know how things are handled during foreclosure proceedings. While some of the agencies agree for offers to be submitted through real estate agents, others allow it to come through consumers.

Public records

You can visit County Recorder’s office to look at the various legal notices issued on certain properties. These are foreclosure notices and anyone can view them for free. You can also search for Notice of Default (NOD) and Notice of Sale (NOS) to check out newly listed properties. Actually these public records would contain listings of those properties that haven’t listed in the multiple listings either because they were missed or because they were fresh.

Do a drive by through the neighborhoods

If you are sure of the neighborhood to move to, then it would be helpful to do a drive through of that particular place to check out the homes for sale and foreclosed homes. There will be signboards and names of agents attached to the boards. You can easily call up the agents and express your interest in such homes.


These are some of the ways through which you can browse through free foreclosure home listings. Other than these resources, you can also ask around, and your friends, colleagues, relatives and acquaintances are likely to help you.

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